Ticket Trunk was launched in November of 2007. Our story is a combination of two cups of cool, a splash of simplicity and a healthy dash of democracy. It all really begins with the regrettable rise of the 'convenience' fee. As frequent event goers we found the normalization of exorbitant 'convenience' fees and the ambiguity surrounding them to be downright frustrating. Artists always say that fans come first but the way we were being treated did not reflect our importance. What really struck us as unfortunate, however, was learning that both ticket buyers AND sellers we're being charged for events. This made ticket selling online impossible for smaller organizations who wanted to sell affordable tickets to their events like amateur rock shows, fundraisers, gallery openings, etc. The grassroots community had been considered too small and too unimportant to warrant consideration.

Our mission became to provide a self-service online box office that would be fair in pricing and easy enough that anyone, anywhere, could use it for anything. We believe if we achieve this, we can democratize the online ticketing industry and satisfy our hope of being a Not Just for Profit Company. Some examples of how we're doing this includes:

- If your event is free, so is the use of our service.
- We charge $1.00 flat for each ticket you sell. Stop rubbing your eyes, that's really our pricing.
- Event organizers pay the $1.00 charge so the price ticket buyers see is the price they will pay.
- There is no account creation or need to talk to a representative. It's utter simplicity.

By the way, if you're wondering why 'Trunk' it's not because we love alliteration or that elephants are the coolest animals (although those were compelling factors). A trunk - whether it is an elephant's, at the back of your car, super structuring a tree or holding a treasure - is a simple and practical tool. And that, friends, describes exactly what Ticket Trunk is.

Thank you for your support and we encourage you to touch base with us if you have any suggestions, comments or simply want to share the love.

Adil ([email protected])

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