What is Tickettrunk.com?

Tickettrunk.com is a self-serve online box office. It enables anybody to sell tickets online, truncating several of the key steps that make the online sale of tickets possible.

Why Ticket Trunk?

Price: It's the cheapest way to sell or buy tickets online
Accessibility: Anyone can sell or buy tickets on it.
Ease: It is incredibly easy to use. You can start selling tickets within minutes and its even easier to purchase them.
Technology: We email your tickets to you. We also provide leading security features that prevent fraudulent and illegal activity.

How can I contact TicketTrunk?

For immediate support you can reach us at [email protected].

To speak with our webmaster, please contact [email protected].

For sales or partnership inquiries, please contact s[email protected].


Small in numbers but big in heart, Tickettrunk is driven by a highly motivated and talented team. We work hard but that's because we love and believe in what we're doing.

Right now we currently have no openings but feel free to email your resume to Adil ([email protected]) and he'll get back to you. Many companies tell you to email them and that your resume is on 'file' but what does that really mean anyways? We don't do that at Tickettrunk - we understand that you've taken the time to write us and so the least we can do is write you back. Thanks for considering us!

How do I sell tickets on Ticket Trunk?

1. Go to our Sell Tickets page and input your event details such as the time, location, etc.

2. Input your PayPal Business ID so we can deposit your event's sales directly into your account

3. Using Credit Card, PayPal or a Voucher, pay for the event for it to go live. Your total cost is the amount of tickets you would like to sell x our 1.00 service fee.

What type of tickets can I sell on TicketTrunk?

Tickets for anything!

How do I collect money for my event?

When a ticket is purchased for your event, the funds will go directly into your Business PayPal Account. You can transfer the money from your Business PayPal Account into your personal bank account at any time. To create a Business PayPal Account, please click here and read the instructions below.

How do I see how many tickets I've sold?

When you create a new event, you will receive an email that will confirm the details and provide you with the necessary links to view your patron lists.

How do I edit or delete my event?

When you create a new event, you will receive an email that will confirm the details and provide you with the necessary links to edit or delete your event. Please remember though, that if you delete your event you are responsible for re-imbursing patrons who have already purchased ticket and any failure to do so is considered stealing. For support on how to refund tickets, please visit www.paypal.com/support.

I have paid for more tickets than I have sold, what happens now?

Easy! We provide you with a voucher code with the remaining balance of what you didn't use. This voucher code can be redeemed the next time you use Tickettrunk.

Will my Voucher expire?


How do I make sure people don't copy or steal tickets?

Each ticket is encoded with a unique ticket code, which is associated with the purchaser's name. Because each ticket has a different code, you can be sure to monitor and scan to see if the same code has beenused twice. If vendors opt to use the fast bar code check-in process, the system will automatically validate each ticket to ensure that they have only been used once. In the case of manual check-in, vendors simply check off each patron as they come to the event, either directly on the TicketTrunk.com, or on a printed out list of ticket holders.

How do I refund tickets?

Refunds are done through Paypal. Follow the these steps to refund the money to your ticket holders. Note that you can only refund transactions within 60 days of the initial payment.

  • Log into your Business Paypal account
  • Find the transaction for the ticket that you'd like to refund
  • Click on "Details" for that transaction
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the details page and click on "Refund"
  • The next screen will allow you to change the amount of money you'd like to refund. It will automatically select the entire amount of the transaction. Click on "Continue".
  • You're done! Your former ticket holder will receive 100% of their payment back, and you will be refunded the Paypal transaction fees.

What do the tickets look like and what's on them?

Each ticket is a simple text email with no graphics or crazy colors. The following fields are displayed on each ticket: event title, location, description, time, date, price, contact name and email address. In addition, each ticket possesses a unique ticket code which you will be able to match with your patron list if you require that level of security. You will be able to access your patron list using the link provided once your event has been set up.

When you receive your event email, there will be a link that will let you see what your ticket emails will look like. If you'd like, on this screen you can add text to the ticket emails send out to your attendees.

How Much Does Ticket Trunk cost?

If your event is free, Ticket Trunk is free to use! For all other events, Ticket Trunk charges a flat fee of 1.00 for each ticket sold using our service. For example, if you plan to sell 20 tickets, then your total fee is 20.00. It's important to mention that PayPal will charge you 2.9% of the ticket price + 0.30 per transaction for credit card processing fees. This is an industry standard.

Are you really the most affordable online box office?

We sure are! Let's see how we stack up against the competition:

Comparison of Ticket Trunk's Fee with Key Competitors
TICKET PRICE Ticket Trunk Ticket Leap Event Brite
$0.00 Free Free Free
$0.01 ' $10.00 $1.00 $0.97 $0.99
$10.01 ' $ 39.99 $1.00 $2.00 $0.99
$40.00 - $400.00 $1.00 $2.00 2.5% of ticket price
+ $400.00 $1.00 $2.00 $9.95 per ticket

Why must I pay the commission charges in advance?

We really wanted to give you all your money instantaneously and we figured since this meant that we couldn't directly handle your money, we needed to ask for our commission either before or after the event and before just seemed alot easier and less intensive. Not to mention, the knowledge that you have put down money in advance creates some extra legitimacy which your buyers will appreciate. And don't worry, if you pay for 40 tickets and only sell 30, we'll send you a voucher so you can use those extra ten Tickettrunk bucks for your next event.

Is Ticket Trunk like a Pay-as-you-go box office?

Yes! You pay to sell your tickets in advance. You can add more 'credit' any time and increase the amount of tickets you're selling and if you don't sell all the tickets you paid for, we give you a voucher so you can use the balance next time.

Other websites claim to be free for ticket sellers, why isn't Tickettrunk?

The claim made by other sites of being free for event sellers is misleading. These sites do not charge the ticket seller but they do apply their own commission rate to those buying the tickets. At Tickettrunk, we do not want your patrons to be frustrated with complicated and vague service charges so instead we ask that you pay an industry low rate of 1.00 per ticket and that's it. Because we give you the full power to set your own ticket prices, you can always factor in the service charge into your ticket price to cover the costs and then we're 'free' just like the others!

How do I Set up my Business PayPal Account?

1. Follow this link
2. On the first page, select your country of residence and 'Business'. This is free.
3. Select 'Website Payment Standard' as your payment solution.
4. Next, are required to provide your Business Name, Category and contact information. If you are an individual, your name is your business name. If you indicate that you are nonprofit in the Category menu, you will be required to provide your nonprofit identification number. If you do not have this information, it is easiest to put "Service - Other" as your category.
5. Confirm your email address.
6. Add and confirm your bank account so PayPal can deposit money directly into it. Confirming your bank account takes 3 - 5 business days but the good news is that you can start accepting funds instantly into your Paypal account!

Why must I have a Business PayPal account?

With a regular personal Paypal account, you're not able to automatically recieve funds from other people. Setting up a Business Paypal account allows TicketTrunk to automatically deposit funds into your account. Paypal doesn't allow this sort of thing with personal Paypal accounts.

What is my Business PayPal Account ID?

It is the email address you used to sign into your PayPal account.

Do I need a Business PayPal account if I have a Regular PayPal Account?

Paypal is one of the preeminent payment solutions online today. They offer fast and secure service for both vendors and for patrons. Our partnership with Paypal is in effort to provide our customers with the highest level of payment security available today. Paypal is one of the few online financial institutions that does not charge for payments between account holders. This means that your money can be transferred directly into your Paypal and your bank account without any fees.

What does it mean when Paypal says they need 3 to 5 days to verify my account?

PayPal needs to make sure that the bank account you provided is legitimate and that you are the owner of it. Following the creation of your Business PayPal Account, they will make two deposits under 1.00 and you will need to provide them with these totals (they provide an email with a link to do this) to verify that everything checks out. Once this is complete you are free to transfer money between your PayPal and Personal bank account.

Do I have to wait for my Business PayPal Account to be verified to start selling tickets?

No. You can still earn mney while you're account is being verified ' you just can transfer it until the verification process is complete.

Why is PayPal asking for my Nonprofit Information?

PayPal is asking for this information to confirm your Nonprofit Status for their records. If you do not have your Nonprofit identification information, then either indicate that you are in the"Service - Other" category when creating your account. If you've already passed that point, give PayPal a call at 1-402-935-2050 and request that they change your account to this category and all requests for information will be dropped.

What Type of Tickets can I buy at TicketTrunk?

Tickets for Anything!
However, TicketTrunk does not allow for the re-sale of tickets for such things as sporting events and major concerts. There are accredited services that exist online which you can use for these purposes.

Do I need a Paypal Account to buy tickets?


How do I get my tickets?

Once you have purchased your tickets, they will be emailed to you. Although a venue will be provided with a list of attendees, we cannot predict whether they will need to see a ticket or not so we always recommend that you bring it with you.

If you have lost your ticket, please email [email protected].

Are tickets refundable?

Tickettrunk is not responsible for the refunding of tickets and it varies depending on the refund policy of each vendor. It is very important to contact the vendor to find out if they will offer a refund or not. If you are finding the vendor is unresponsive to your inquiries, please email [email protected].

What does TicketTrunk do with my personal information?

We take privacy very seriously. We do not sell, rent, share, trade or give away any of your personal information, unless required to by law. We hate Spam even more than you do (honestly, why do people even do that anymore?). Please report any inappropriate or unsolicited communication to [email protected] immediately.

What do I do if I find something on TicketTrunk inappropriate?

Because our entire business is built upon user generated content, we recognize the importance of monitoring our site constantly to ensure that there is no offensive, inappropriate or illegal activities going on. It's possible, however, that you might spot something before we do and if so, please email [email protected] immediately.

For Immediate Help please email [email protected]