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How do I Set up my Business PayPal Account?

1. Follow this link
2. On the first page, select your country of residence and 'Business'. This is free.
3. Select 'Website Payment Standard' as your payment solution.
4. Next, are required to provide your Business Name, Category and contact information. If you are an individual, your name is your business name. If you indicate that you are nonprofit in the Category menu, you will be required to provide your nonprofit identification number. If you do not have this information, it is easiest to put "Service - Other" as your category.
5. Confirm your email address.
6. Add and confirm your bank account so PayPal can deposit money directly into it. Confirming your bank account takes 3 - 5 business days but the good news is that you can start accepting funds instantly into your Paypal account!

Why must I have a Business PayPal account?

With a regular personal Paypal account, you're not able to automatically recieve funds from other people. Setting up a Business Paypal account allows TicketTrunk to automatically deposit funds into your account. Paypal doesn't allow this sort of thing with personal Paypal accounts.

What is my Business PayPal Account ID?

It is the email address you used to sign into your PayPal account.

Do I need a Business PayPal account if I have a Regular PayPal Account?

Paypal is one of the preeminent payment solutions online today. They offer fast and secure service for both vendors and for patrons. Our partnership with Paypal is in effort to provide our customers with the highest level of payment security available today. Paypal is one of the few online financial institutions that does not charge for payments between account holders. This means that your money can be transferred directly into your Paypal and your bank account without any fees.

What does it mean when Paypal says they need 3 - 5 days to verify my account?

PayPal needs to make sure that the bank account you provided is legitimate and that you are the owner of it. Following the creation of your Business PayPal Account, they will make two deposits under 1.00 and you will need to provide them with these totals (they provide an email with a link to do this) to verify that everything checks out. Once this is complete you are free to transfer money between your PayPal and Personal bank account.

Do I have to wait for my Business PayPal Account to be verified to start selling tickets?

No. You can still earn money while you're account is being verified ' you just can transfer it until the verification process is complete.

Why is PayPal asking for my Nonprofit Information?

PayPal is asking for this information to confirm your Nonprofit Status for their records. If you do not have your Nonprofit identification information, then either indicate that you are in the"Service - Other" category when creating your account. If you've already passed that point, give PayPal a call at 1-402-935-2050 and request that they change your account to this category and all requests for information will be dropped.

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